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US grants permission to Lowell Cafe for open consumption of cannabis

Lowell Cafe becomes the first restaurant in the United States, where you can smoke cannabis freely. It is the first one of those eight businesses to have received the cannabis license in West Hollywood, the only town in Los Angeles which allows free consumption of cannabis.

If it were not for the herbal aroma and the smoky ambiance of the cafe (made less with fans, ventilators and air purifying plants), Lowell would have been just like any other rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles at first glance. It has hundreds of hanging trees, antique picture collages, wooden furniture and high ceilings which is an ambiance for the teenagers to relax. They first came up with the term “Flower Host”, a kind of marijuana sommelier. There is this worker, who is different from the server usually has a burgeoning experience and can recommend various Indica/Sativa strains from Lowell’s great herbs, pre-roll bags, vapes, and food.

Lowell Cafe’s had to get creative, which was restricted by some of the confusing laws of marijuana to sell cannabis and food legally. For instance, there is the rule in California that only the dispensaries can sell cannabis paraphernalia and products, therefore, Lowell Cafe is considered to be a state-level dispensary while operating as a cannabis lounge at city-level.

In comply with the regulations, Lowell Cafe legally keeps its dining and kitchen area separate from the area where marijuana is consumed, while cannabis and food can be ordered from guests sitting at either venue. Since there exist laws against the use of cannabis and alcohol at the exact spot, where the bar has been kept dry.

There are several other perspectives on which the Lowell staff are working upon to follow all the rules under which customers are required to finish the cannabis within the premises and then leave. The team also asks for cash while purchasing cannabis for the reason that the prohibition made by the federation’s individual financial bodies cautious of processing transactions that are labeled as legal cannabis of the state.

Lowell aims to open up an outdoor corner section for its non-smoker and guests soon. Eventually, the restaurant management hopes to ingrain the rights of cannabis into its guests.

Lowell believes, once the rules evolve, there would surely be a sense of flippancy and normality added to the lives of the masses. He even expresses that news would be something for which he would wait to happen sooner than later.

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