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Study reveals that Blood Pressure control is key to everything

The standard medical term of Blood Pressure suggests the internal pressure exerted by blood across the walls of the blood vessels. When a person visits for a medical check-up, the first thing that a doctor does is check blood pressure. Even before a person is admitted to a hospital, the medical practitioner monitors the blood pressure of a person.

Moreover, the condition of high blood pressure or low blood pressure varies from one person to another, significantly. Blood pressure is also subjected to circadian rhythms, which are generally affected due to stress, medication intake, disease, and stress. It doesn’t matter if a person resides anywhere across the world; blood pressure is a common phenomenon. Blood pressure is something that is understood by everyone across the globe.t

There is a significant difference between the high and the low rate of blood pressure. The high blood pressure is often considered dangerous as it enhances the rate of a heart attack in a person. Contrastingly, the low blood pressure is deemed as a positive thing.

When it comes to health monitoring, medical practitioners should have fundamental principles to check blood pressure. Moreover, the most crucial element of transcendence towards the robust healthcare systems is continual and accurate monitoring of the blood pressure among the people of different age groups.

There are significant wearable IoT devices such as Apple Watch, FitBit, Garvin, among others that keep tabs on the blood pressure of a person. However, even with modern technological advancement, the monthly clinical check-up is critical. Apple Watch provides a stable and continuous form of recording via photoplethysmography and electrocardiogram. Nevertheless, combining these parameters to procure a significant result that would benefit the patient is a better option.

According to the cardiologists, the parameters can be useful for the diagnosis of the heart rhythm. A significant group of researchers from Toronto University came out to measure the blood pressure correctly. All the researchers needed to record blood pressure was a camera mounted on a smartphone which people use to take selfies.

The researchers said that they carried out the measurement using the transdermal optical image, a light that comes from a smartphone. In addition to this, the light comes explicitly from a smartphone camera, which bounces the proteins around the skin’s surface at distinctive speed. The researchers were able to find out the changes in haemoglobin in over 30 seconds. Currently, the researchers are working together to know whether the measurement can work in all skin types or not.

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