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Mobile devices to soon be equipped with flexible screens

Electronics manufacturers will introduce flexible, folding or folding screens over the next ten years, analysts at ABI Research predict. According to the research company, in 2019 a total of 1.8 million different devices will enter the market, which will use flexible display technologies. By 2028, deliveries of such devices will increase to 240 million units, taking into account the average annual growth rate (CAGR) of 72%.

“Electronics manufacturers are constantly striving to introduce new technologies to stimulate supply growth. Devices with flexible, folding and folding screens are a new form factor that allows making gadgets with large displays more compact and convenient to use. It is very likely that such models will use consumer demand, “commented ABI analyst Stephanie Thomsett.

Although in 2019 several brands introduced the first smartphones with fading screens, the identified defects have not yet allowed beginning selling such models.

So, the South Korean Samsung showed its first smartphone with a folding screen in February. Galaxy Fold was supposed to go on sale on April 26 at a price of $ 1980, but due to unforeseen breakdowns, the company was forced to postpone the release of the device.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing to release a second smartphone with a flexible screen. Its display, like that of a classic clamshell phone, will fold inward into a square, making the device easily fit in your pocket. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the development of the product.

Present a new product may this year, and release – at the beginning of next. The smartphone will be focused on the “premium” segment and should attract buyers who are primarily interested in fashion, status, and luxury, rather than technical characteristics.

Researchers at ABI Research believe that starting in 2020, the supply of smartphones with flexible screens will begin to gain momentum. It is expected that next year, manufacturers will produce 8 million of such devices, and by 2028, shipments will reach 228 million units.

Analysts say that the new form factor will become popular even despite the relatively high price of smartphones with flexible display technologies. Judging by the patent applications in this area that Apple, Samsung, Royole, Motorola and others have, leading smartphone brands also have high hopes for such devices and expect that the introduction of flexible display technologies will stimulate consumers to upgrade devices.

Analysts believe that after flexible technologies are used in the smartphone segment, manufacturers will begin to produce tablets that can fold into a more compact device. The appearance of the first such tablets is expected in 2024, and by 2028 their supply can reach 7 million units.

In the wearable electronics segment, the use of flexible display technologies will be limited given the small size of these devices. It is estimated that by 2028, shipments of wearable gadgets equipped with flexible or folding screens will amount to less than 5 million units.

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