Medical Staff of Coast Guard Academy contains the bacteria outbreak


There are more than hundreds of new cadets who are just trying to begin their military training. The good news is that the military training has already begun at the academy of Coast Guard. Moreover, the staff of the medical clinic on campus were completely occupied during the summer months.

However, around a couple of weeks ago, there was a widespread bacterial infection which did spread among the cadets. It almost seemed like an infectious outbreak of some sort. The cadets of the academy began to report a similar kind of symptoms such as nausea, fever, vomiting. Moreover, the officials of the academy said that the bacterial outbursts reached out to 40 more people.

Moreover, the 40 people were both new cadets and the cadets of the second-class who were in charge to train the new joiners. These cadets were suspected of having a similar kind of infection. Moreover, the reason for the bacterial infection is unknown. The academy then made a bold decision to separate the cadets via their companies. Later, after strict inspection, things began to provide an insight as to what has happened.

After the separation, the reports pointed out that the cadets assigned to a couple of companies are facing health issues. Esan O. Simon, Captain and the medical director of the academy said that when people begin to put together the hat of “epidemiological,” then the most common thought that comes to their mind is that they need to contain it. On the other hand, Captain Simon is also the medical director of the clinic. In addition to this, it’s only been two months that he’s been appointed.

The academy’s clinic staff established a contact with the Lawrence Hospital located in New London to take the help of their microbiology team. The team did a clean sweep when it comes to analyzing the lab. The team also determined that the symptoms which the cadets are going through are due to bacteria.

The clinic, on the other hand, employs around 60 distinctive people. The sources who kept close tabs on the happenings suggested that the entire scenario was the traditional all-hands-on-deck scenario. The staff began to work around the clock for managing different situations. In three-hour time, the microbiologists, along with the officials of the academy, did screen around 400 people along with officer candidates and candidates.

The clinic administrator, Patrick Rockwell, said that the cadets are through rigorous training. Moreover, these things can give rise to some health problems. By the end of August, every sick cadet will be free from the bacterial infection.


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