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Health officials investigated around 200 cases of lung disease across the US

The federal health officials across the US are currently investigating several cases which are related to vaping. The health officials have found out that there are around 200 notable cases of life-threatening lung diseases among the vapers.

The reason why the federal officials are worried about the people into vaping comes after the untimely death of an adult who was addicted to vaping. According to the ME, aka Medical Examiner’s report, the adult recently began to use an e-cigarette, and he succumbed to death due to an unknown pulmonary illness.

The death case of the adult is also among 22 other cases which have is worrying the health officials across different parts of Illinois and the US. The most common age group who have been subjected to vaping come are the age group of 17-38 years. The medical officials are suggesting that some vaping users were also consuming THC, which is a primary ingredient of marijuana.

Moreover, the officials are also investigating 193 different cases of serious lung diseases, which has a direct association with vaping in 22 different states of America. The first case of lung injury due to vaping came into being on the 28th of June 2019. Dr. Emily Chapman said that they could not precisely classify the disease, given that they are witnessing a series of lung injury. On the other hand, Dr. Chapman is a Minnesota hospital for Children’s Chief Medical Officer.

On the other hand, there has also been fifteen suspected or confirmed cases of the same lung illness. Dr. Chapman also said that the entire thing looks completely abnormal when they took an x-ray image of the patient’s chest. After conducting several tests, the diagnosis seems completely unusual. Most of the medical practitioners are still trying to find out the types of substances that the patients have used while smoking via the e-cigarette.

18-year-old Chance Ammirata, a resident of Florida wound up in an emergency room after he used an e-cigarette. Moreover, the doctors who treated Ammirata believe that vaping is the only reason that contributed to Chance’s prolong lung injury. At the time of medical emergency, Ammirata said that he felt that he was going through a cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

Additionally, Chance also said that he felt like his chest, and his entire body was collapsing. Chance also noted that during the attack, he was unable to breathe. Chance’s left lung did collapse, and he should immediately undergo surgery.

The Vaping Association in America said that the use of illegal drugs and THC are mainly the reason for permanent lung injuries.

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