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Contraceptive healthcare across Minnesota becomes expensive

The controversial decrease in funding for the Title X program in America has met its definitive end. The strict regulation from the administration of Trump is absolute, and there will be no changes in them, whatsoever. However, even during the last day of the attempt to abolish the effort from people was futile.

In addition to this, the authorities saw a couple of teenagers walking right through the door of the Planned Parenthood Minnesota clinic. The sources said that the teenagers needed robust birth control. In addition to this, the teenagers did also seek for free testing of sexually transmitted diseases. However, these checkups aren’t free anymore, and this is something that the teenagers didn’t know.

Some of the notable people in the industry suggest that the incident took place after the last day of continuous protest across America. Now, healthcare concerning “reproductive care” has become much more expensive than before. Moreover, a lot of people cannot afford these tests.

As the circumstances have changed, the young couple did learn a few things about the free reproductive tests. Well, the things which they did learn was not good for their ears. The medical professionals told the couple that the reproductive tests in Minnesota and 22 states across the country are not for free.

Before the tests began, the couple learned that their visit to the hospital would come up with a big fat bill. Moreover, this bill might not be a large sum compared to other medical tests. But for a couple of teenagers to know whether they have STDs or not, the bill was hefty. The teenagers did also reveal that all they want to do is to keep the tests away from the insurance of their parents.

All the teenagers could do was turn from the tests and walk away. They did not get any birth control assistance and health screening of any kind. The staff of the clinic did also share another story such as this; however, it happened with the chief medical officer, Dr. Sarah Traxler.

By the looks of it, it is a sad time for the people of the US who seek free reproductive care across the country. The new federal grant program doesn’t allow the planned parenthood to be a part of it. For the last few decades the program, namely, federal grant did cover the cost of reproductive healthcare and birth control for almost 10,000 Minnesotans, annually. The withdrawal of the program means the health care loses an amount of $2.7 million funding for 2019-2020.

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